Unblocking DeepBooru: A Guide to Access

Unblocking DeepBooru: A Guide to Access

Unlock access to DeepBooru with our comprehensive guide. Discover how to unblock Deepbooru and explore its content freely.

Key Highlights

  • DeepDanbooru is a powerful auto-captioning tool with a well-documented tag index. (The Danbooru tagging wiki)
  • It utilizes the Deep Danbooru technology to estimate tags for anime-style girl images.
  • Access to DeepBooru can be blocked due to regional or institutional restrictions.
  • To unblock DeepBooru, you can use tools like VPNs or proxies.
  • Troubleshooting common issues with DeepBooru includes dealing with persistent access blocks and optimizing connection speeds.


DeepBooru is an image-generation AI system that has gained popularity for its ability to generate illustrations based on prompts. This technology, known as Deep Danbooru, specializes in estimating tags for anime-style girl images. By using DeepBooru, artists, and designers can easily create unique and high-quality illustrations.

However, accessing DeepBooru can sometimes be challenging due to various reasons. Regional blocks and institutional restrictions can prevent users from accessing the DeepBooru platform. In this blog, we will guide you on how to unblock DeepBooru and gain access to its powerful image recognition capabilities.

We will start by explaining what DeepBooru is and how it enhances image recognition. Then, we will delve into the reasons why access to DeepBooru might be blocked, including common access restrictions faced by users. To help you unblock DeepBooru, we will provide insights into the tools and technologies needed for this process. Additionally, we will discuss how to use DeepBooru in AUTOMATIC 1111, a stable diffusion web UI. Finally, we will address common troubleshooting issues and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Understanding DeepBooru

DeepBooru is an image generation AI system that utilizes the technology of Deep Danbooru.

 Deep Danbooru was not initially developed by AUTOMATIC1111, the developer behind Stable Diffusion web UI. Instead, it was introduced by developer Kichang Kim in 2019. This technology enables the prediction of tags that align with Danbooru tags from illustrations of beautiful girls through deep learning. The system has been trained on a vast array of illustration data sourced from the internet.

It is among the top two popular captioning tools for generating training datasets for AI art. DeepDanbooru aids in creating models and LoRA that exhibit consistent behavior with others trained using Danbooru images or images tagged via DeepDanbooru. This facilitates seamless transitions for writers between models, allowing them to achieve their desired image style without adapting to a different prompting style.

What is DeepBooru?

DeepBooru is an AI-based system that uses the Deep Danbooru technology to estimate tags for anime-style girl images. 

It utilizes a large dataset from the Danbooru platform to learn and recognize different features and characteristics of these images. The AI algorithms in DeepBooru analyze the prompts and generate corresponding tags, which can then be used to generate illustrations.

The dataset used by DeepBooru is constantly updated and refined to improve the accuracy of tag estimation. This ensures that the generated illustrations are relevant and match the desired style. DeepBooru’s AI capabilities make it a powerful tool for artists and designers to create unique and visually appealing illustrations.

Typically, models trained on authentic Danbooru image sets tend to have a notable NSFW bias due to minimal censorship on booru-style image sharing platforms. Nevertheless, DeepDanbooru’s captioning capabilities can be applied to various image sets, including SFW sets.

While DeepDanbooru is a versatile tool with a high accuracy rate and numerous applications, caution is advised when recommending it to individuals under age, even when working with SFW images, as they may come across inappropriate language.

How DeepBooru Enhances Image Recognition

DeepBooru enhances image recognition by using stable diffusion and advanced AI algorithms. Stable diffusion is a technique that allows for the smooth and stable progression of AI models during the image generation process. This ensures that the generated illustrations are of high quality and visually appealing.

The AI algorithms in DeepBooru analyze the prompts provided by the user and generate corresponding tags based on the learned patterns from the dataset. This allows DeepBooru to accurately recognize and classify different features and characteristics of anime-style girl images. The enhanced image recognition capabilities of DeepBooru make it a valuable tool for artists and designers who want to create illustrations with specific styles and themes.

Why Access to DeepBooru Might Be Blocked

Access to DeepBooru might be blocked due to regional or institutional restrictions. Regional blocks are often put in place by governments or service providers to limit access to certain websites or online platforms within a specific geographic area. Institutional blocks can occur within organizations or educational institutions where access to specific websites or platforms is restricted for security or productivity reasons.

Common Reasons for Access Restrictions

There are several common reasons for access restrictions to DeepBooru:

  • Regional Blocks: Some countries may block access to websites or platforms that host content deemed inappropriate or against their cultural or legal norms. DeepBooru, being an anime-style girl image platform, may be subject to such blocks.
  • Institutional Restrictions: Organizations or educational institutions often have strict internet usage policies that prevent access to certain websites or platforms. DeepBooru might be restricted in such environments to maintain productivity or avoid potential legal issues.

It’s important to note that these access restrictions may vary depending on the user’s location and the policies in place. If you are facing access restrictions to DeepBooru, there are ways to unblock it and gain access to its features.

Regional and Institutional Blocks

Regional and institutional blocks can prevent users from accessing DeepBooru. Here is a breakdown of these blocks:

In both cases, the purpose of the block is to control or limit access to DeepBooru’s content. However, it is possible to bypass these blocks and unblock DeepBooru using certain tools and technologies. In the following sections, we will discuss how to prepare for unblocking DeepBooru and troubleshoot common issues that may arise during the process.

Preparing to Unblock DeepBooru

Before unblocking DeepBooru, it is important to prepare by understanding the tools and technologies needed for the process. This includes using virtual private networks (VPNs), proxies, or web user interfaces (WebUIs) to bypass regional or institutional blocks. By familiarizing yourself with these tools and technologies, you can effectively unblock DeepBooru and gain access to its features.

Assessing Your Current Access Limitations

To unblock DeepBooru, it is essential to assess the current access limitations you are facing. Determine whether you are experiencing a regional or institutional block and understand the extent of the restrictions in place. This will help you choose the most appropriate tools and technologies for unblocking DeepBooru.

Tools and Technologies Needed for Unblocking

There are several tools and technologies you can use to unblock DeepBooru:

  • Proxies: Proxies act as intermediaries between your device and DeepBooru, masking your IP address and bypassing regional or institutional blocks.
  • Web User Interfaces (WebUIs): WebUIs provide a user-friendly interface for accessing DeepBooru, bypassing any blocks or restrictions in place.

By using these tools and technologies, you can unblock DeepBooru and gain unrestricted access to its image recognition capabilities.

How to use DeepBooru in AUTOMATIC 1111

DeepBooru can be used in AUTOMATIC 1111, a stable diffusion web UI. This allows users to utilize the image generation AI technology of DeepBooru in a user-friendly environment. By accessing the web user interface (WebUI) of AUTOMATIC 1111, users can easily generate illustrations based on prompts and tags provided by DeepBooru’s AI algorithms.

Step 1: Install and download AUTOMATIC 1111 and DeepBooru

The feature ‘Deep Danbooru’ that assists in creating images with Danbooru tags instead of Stable Diffusion can be seamlessly utilized with ‘AUTOMATIC 1111 version Stable Diffusion web UI,’ which is the ultimate version of Stable Diffusion web UI. I gave it a try and found it easy to use.

  1. Stable diffusion web UI

GitHub — AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui 

To utilize Deep Danbooru with the AUTOMATIC1111 version of Stable Diffusion web UI, ensure that you update the Stable Diffusion web UI to the most recent version available.

2. DeepBooru

GitHub — KichangKim/DeepDanbooru

Step 2: Open ‘webui-user.bat’ with a text editor such as Notepad.

Make sure that line 6 has the following items:
[code]set COMMANDLINE_ARGS=[/code]

Replace this line with the following and save.
[code]set COMMANDLINE_ARGS= — deepdanbooru[/code]

When you execute webui-user.bat, a command prompt window will open displaying ‘Installing deepdanbooru.’ Please be patient and wait for some time during this process.

Once the installation is ready, the Stable Diffusion web UI will launch as usual as below.

Step 3: Get prompts from an image

To estimate the tag of an image using Stable Diffusion web UI, follow these steps:
1. Open the Stable Diffusion web UI in your browser.
2. Click on the ‘img2img’ tab located at the top of the interface.
3. Click on the field labeled ‘Drop image here or click to upload’ to upload your desired image.

DeepBooru’s AI algorithms will analyze the image and generate relevant prompts based on its features and characteristics. These prompts can then be used to generate illustrations that match the style of the uploaded image.

4. Select the image you wish to estimate the tag for by either dragging and dropping it into the designated area or clicking to upload it.

Step 3: Use prompts to generate images

Once users have obtained prompts from an image, they can use these prompts to generate images in DeepBooru. The prompts are fed into the stable diffusion AI algorithm, which generates illustrations based on the provided prompts. By experimenting with different prompts, users can explore various artistic styles and themes in their generated images. DeepBooru’s stable diffusion technology ensures that the generated images are of high quality and visually appealing.

To leverage the tag of an image to generate some new images with online tools, you can follow these steps:
1. Check it out on Huggingface: https://huggingface.co/spaces/hysts/DeepDanbooru

Promp: rating:safe, 1girl, long_hair, solo, green_eyes, one_side_up, smile, hair_ornament, silver_hair, blush, looking_at_viewer, wings

2. Visit novita.ai and choose the tool that you want.

2. Click on the ‘text2img’ tab.
3. Enter your prompt, check the result and then you can see it here.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While using DeepBooru, users may encounter common issues that can affect their experience. Troubleshooting these issues is essential to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted usage of the platform. Some common issues include access blocks and slow connection speeds. In the following sections, we will discuss how to deal with these issues and provide solutions.

Dealing with Persistent Access Blocks

If you are facing persistent access blocks to DeepBooru, it is important to use tools like VPNs or proxies to bypass these blocks. VPNs create a secure connection between your device and the internet, allowing you to access DeepBooru from anywhere by masking your IP address. Proxies act as intermediaries, redirecting your internet traffic to access DeepBooru without directly revealing your location. By utilizing these tools, you can overcome persistent access blocks and gain unrestricted access to DeepBooru.

Solving Slow Connection Speeds When Using DeepBooru

Slow connection speeds can hinder the usage of DeepBooru and affect the generation of illustrations. To solve this issue, it is important to optimize your internet connection. Ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth to handle the data transfer required by DeepBooru. If possible, connect to a high-speed internet network or upgrade your existing internet plan. Additionally, close any unnecessary applications or processes that may be utilizing your internet bandwidth. Optimizing your connection speeds will ensure a smooth and efficient usage of DeepBooru.


In summary, DeepBooru is a powerful tool for image recognition, but accessing it may sometimes be challenging due to various restrictions. Understanding the reasons behind access blocks and preparing to unblock DeepBooru using the right tools are key steps. Troubleshooting common issues, such as persistent blocks or slow connection speeds, ensures a seamless experience with this innovative platform. By following these steps, you can effectively utilize DeepBooru’s features for prompt image retrieval and generation. If you encounter difficulties, refer to the FAQ section for guidance on resolving unblocking failures and updating access methods as needed.

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