Revolutionizing AI: Ensuring Privacy and Safety with SOLAR LLM and's Chat-completion

Revolutionizing AI: Ensuring Privacy and Safety with SOLAR LLM and's Chat-completion



In an era where digital communication and artificial intelligence (AI) are intertwined, the emergence of SOLAR LLM marks a transformative step towards ensuring privacy and safety in AI interactions. This groundbreaking framework redefines the landscape of Large Language Models (LLMs), paving the way for advanced AI applications like Chat-completion by Let’s delve into the essence of SOLAR LLM and explore how Chat-completion seamlessly integrates into this architecture to provide secure, intelligent conversational experiences.

What Is Solar LLM: The Backbone of Safe AI

SOLAR LLM stands at the forefront of innovation in AI technology, offering a robust solution to the challenges that have long plagued conventional LLMs, such as data privacy breaches and the generation of inappropriate content. Inspired by the structure of our solar system, SOLAR LLM features a central general knowledge model surrounded by domain-specific models, each protected by layers of safety and privacy enforcement mechanisms. This unique architecture ensures that every interaction across the network adheres to the highest standards of content integrity and confidentiality.

In order to ensure the safe and privacy-focused use of LLMs, it is important to consider incorporating these features into the framework itself, rather than relying on custom solutions that may be difficult to maintain. This will help to ensure that AI applications are able to effectively and efficiently enforce content safety and protect user data.

Core Components of SOLAR LLM:

  • General Knowledge LLM (The Sun): A comprehensive model that serves as the core of the cognitive network, offering broad knowledge across a wide array of topics.
  • Domain-Specific Models (The Planets): Specialized LLMs that provide expert knowledge in specific fields, ensuring accurate and relevant responses.
  • Safety and Privacy Enforcement Layers: Critical safeguards that monitor and filter content, ensuring compliance with privacy standards and content appropriateness.

How Solar LLM works?

To utilize the SOLAR network for AI applications, implement the following guidelines:

  1. Define the SOLAR network’s policy framework to delineate acceptable and unacceptable content. This step ensures compliance with safety standards across all generated content.
  2. Implement data protection measures to identify and mitigate potential data risks. This includes setting up mechanisms for the automatic anonymization of detected personally identifiable information (PII).
  3. Engage with the SOLAR network using the client moderation and query technique, akin to making a standard chat API request.
  4. Upon receipt of a user query, the data privacy mechanism will scrutinize the text for any PII. If PII is found, users will be prompted to modify their inquiry to enhance safety.
  5. If the query is deemed safe and meets content guidelines, the cognitive routing system will analyze the query to deduce its topic or intent. This enables the system to assign the query to an appropriate LLM model specializing in the relevant domain.
  6. The cognitive routing system further enhances response quality by employing a self-review mechanism. It does this by generating responses from multiple models to the same query and then cross-evaluating these responses. This process fosters a meticulously reviewed and consolidated response, leveraging insights from various domain-specific models.

By following these steps, you can effectively use the SOLAR network to enforce content safety and data privacy, while still allowing for the rapid expansion of knowledge. This will help to ensure that your AI applications are safe, private, and able to provide high-quality responses to user queries.

Approach to Implementation

The primary objective in developing the implementation strategy was to construct a centralized intelligence, or “system-brain,” for the PAVAI suite, focusing on the Vocei and Talkie applications. These solutions are designed to function seamlessly across both offline and distributed environments, drawing inspiration from the dynamics of a solar system.

To realize this vision, a flexible and innovative method was adopted, leveraging a range of open-source AI and Large Language Model (LLM) technologies. This approach facilitated the creation of a resilient and scalable framework capable of adapting to the evolving requirements of the Vocei and Talkie applications. Utilizing these pre-existing models enabled the swift and effective assembly of a system-brain for PAVAI, equipped to deliver precise answers to user inquiries, regardless of the operating mode.

The implementation of the SOLAR cognitive network is encapsulated within a Python library, alongside the Data Security Engine, which, although initially integrated, is planned for future transition to an API-based solution.

For ensuring content safety, LLamaGuard was chosen — a cutting-edge model from Meta, subject to access permissions. To optimize resource use, a quarantined GGUF file version was acquired from HF.

Zerphy was selected as the general-purpose LLM for its refined adaptation of Mistral and its superior multilingual capabilities. Additionally, Mistral-8x7b-instruct-v0.1 was evaluated, offering satisfactory performance albeit with reduced responsiveness due to its larger size.

In terms of Multimodal support, both LLava-1.5–7B and Bakllava1 were tested, demonstrating adequate functionality.

Support for Function Calling and Self-Critique was integrated through a specific model trained for function invocation, implemented on a Llama.cpp Python server.

Furthermore, a variety of machine learning models were employed for topic modeling and the classification of content intent.

This outlines the framework in its operational state, highlighting the strategic choices and integrations made in the actual implementation.

Here’s how it looks like in the actual implementation:

Application of Solar LLM 

Trained Uses Cases

  1. Healthcare: Developing a healthcare LLM to automate patient communication, personalize treatment plans, aid in clinical decision support and support medical transcription
  2. Customer Support: Aims to enable business owners and companies to deploy generative AI chatbots on websites and mobile apps easily, providing human-like services in customer support and engagement.
  3. Finance & Insurance: Offers a customized LLM environment tailored for the financial sector, addressing security concerns and the issue of hallucinations.
  4. On-device — LG Gram: Partners with LG Electronics to deploy a large language model (LLM) on the Gram laptops to execute generative AI directly on end devices.
  5. Law: Partnered with LawTalk to develop a legal LLM specifically for the Korean legal ecosystem, processing case precedents and legal documents to support legal research and applications.
  6. E-commerce: ConnectWave introduces a generative AI-based ‘Private Large Language Model (LLM)’ in the e-commerce industry, specialized in data security and hallucination prevention.

Integration with Large Language Model

Amidst the architectural innovation of SOLAR LLM, introduces its flagship tool, Chat-completion, a testament to the platform’s commitment to advancing AI technology while prioritizing user privacy and data security. However, Chat-completion is just the beginning. is a comprehensive platform that serves as a one-stop hub for limitless creativity, offering access to over 100 APIs across a spectrum of functionalities, including image generation, language processing, audio enhancement, and video manipulation.

1. Ensure data safety and privacy

At the core of SOLAR LLM’s architecture are stringent safety and privacy measures designed to safeguard user interactions. By integrating Chat-completion into this framework, ensures that every conversation is protected by these layers of security. This means users can engage in seamless, intelligent conversations without compromising their privacy or risking exposure to inappropriate content. The cognitive network architecture of SOLAR LLM distinguishes between general and domain-specific knowledge, applying appropriate privacy filters and safety checks, thereby providing Chat-completion with a clean, secure, and highly relevant data stream.

2. Rapid Expansion of Knowledge Base

The cognitive network design of SOLAR LLM facilitates the rapid expansion and updating of its knowledge base. For Chat-completion, this means the ability to continuously improve and expand its conversational capabilities. As SOLAR LLM integrates new models or updates existing ones, Chat-completion by benefits from an ever-growing repository of information and insights, ensuring that the chat experiences it offers remain cutting-edge.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

SOLAR LLM’s modular design ensures scalability and flexibility, allowing Chat-completion to scale up or down based on demand without compromising performance. This adaptability is crucial for managing varying loads and ensuring that the chat service remains responsive and efficient, regardless of the number of users or the complexity of the queries being processed.

4. Transforming Digital Communication

The collaboration between SOLAR LLM and Chat-completion by is more than a technological advancement; it’s a promise of a future where AI-driven conversations are not only intelligent but also inherently safe and private. This partnership signifies a milestone in the journey towards creating digital spaces where privacy and safety are not afterthoughts but foundational principles.


As we stand on the brink of a new era in AI and digital communication, the importance of innovations like SOLAR LLM and Chat-completion by cannot be overstated. Together, they herald a future where AI interactions are not just smarter and more personalized but also secure and respectful of privacy. In embracing these technologies, we move closer to realizing the full potential of AI in enhancing human communication., the one-stop platform for limitless creativity that gives you access to 100+ APIs. From image generation and language processing to audio enhancement and video manipulation,cheap pay-as-you-go , it frees you from GPU maintenance hassles while building your own products. Try it for free.
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