Create Your 3D Modeling Tool Like Face Transfer 2

Create Your 3D Modeling Tool Like Face Transfer 2

Looking to create your own 3D modeling tool like Face Transfer 2? Explore our blog for insights and tips on getting started.

Key Highlights

  • With Face Transfer 2, an AI-powered system, you can turn a picture into a lifelike 3D model by copying the person’s facial features.
  • This tool works well with Genesis 9 figures and makes things look even better thanks to its high-quality texture maps.
  • By using smart image projection and changing shapes dynamically, it accurately copies someone’s face onto the model.
  • To use Face Transfer 2 in Daz Studio, you only need to pick a photo you want to use as your source image.
  • Novita AI offers APIs for those thinking about making their own version of face face-transferring generator like Face Transfer 2.
  • As AI gets better and better, both Face Transfer 2 and 3D modeling promise an even richer experience that feels closer to reality than ever before.


With Daz Studio’s help, Face Transfer 2 uses artificial intelligence to put facial features from a picture onto a 3D model, making the character look just like the person. However, it only has three times for free trial. How about creating your own 3D modeling tool, making face transfers once and for all?

In this blog post, we’re going into all the important things about Face Transfer 2 — how it works its magic with technology and what makes it special. We’ll walk you through the usage of Face Transfer 2 in Daz Studio step by step too! Plus we’ll talk about what that might involve in making your own tool for 3D modeling. So let’s jump right into exploring the world of creating 3D people with the help of Face Transfer 2.

Understanding Face Transfer 2 and Its Technology

Face Transfer 2 is a cool tool that uses AI to let you put someone’s face from a picture onto a 3D model.

Introduction to Face Transfer 2 and Its Impact

Face Transfer 2 is an AI-powered system in Daz Studio that allows you to create 3D character models based on photos. It transfers the face shape, texture, and tone from a photo to generate a 3D likeness of family members, yourself, or anyone you choose. It is compatible with Genesis 9 figures. This tool has made a big difference because it helps artists and creators make their ideas come alive more easily with less time.

The Technology Behind Face Transfer 2

The general principle of Face Transfer 2 involves the use of deep learning techniques and sophisticated machine learning models trained on a diverse dataset to analyze facial structures and textures, including facial recognition, detection, and alignment methods. Face Transfer 2 also leverages multilinear models that separate the geometric variations due to different attributes, providing a high degree of control over the final appearance of the generated 3D model.

Core Features of Face Transfer 2

Face Transfer 2 is loaded with cool features that make creating characters easier and better. 

Refined Image Projection

Face Transfer 2 has improved the way images are projected onto Genesis 9 models, ensuring that the textures align perfectly with the 3D character’s features to create a highly realistic likeness. The advanced projection technique significantly reduces any distortion or visual imperfections, seamlessly merging the original photo with the 3D model.

Dynamic Geometry Adjustments

Face Transfer 2 updated a dynamic geometry adjustment feature, which allows the software to automatically modify the 3D facial structure to align with the facial features captured from the photo. This intelligent adaptation ensures that the character’s face shape corresponds closely with the source image, capturing the facial volume and contours accurately.

Automatic Facial Hair Removal

Face Transfer 2 employs AI to identify and eliminate facial hair from the original photo automatically, sparing you the manual labor and enhancing efficiency. It ensures that the final facial transfer is clean and free from any stray hair elements, providing a more polished and accurate depiction of the character.

Dramatically Improved Shader

Face Transfer 2 has implemented a significantly upgraded shader that provides a more realistic and visually appealing appearance for the transferred faces. This cutting-edge shader offers enhanced skin realism through superior subsurface scattering, more natural lighting interactions, greater detail in the skin texture, and additional skin mapping techniques.

Get Started With Daz Studio for Face Transfer 2

To kick things off with Face Transfer 2, you’ll need Daz Studio on your computer first. Moving forward, we’re going to walk through how to get rolling with Face Transfer 2 in Daz Studio. 

Choosing the Source Image and Gender

To get started with Face Transfer 2, you need to pick a good source image, which should be either in PNG or JPEG format and at least 128 by 128 pixels. For the best results, go with a photo where the lighting isn’t too harsh or soft, and the person isn’t making any strong facial expressions but looking straight at the camera instead. Once selected, choose the gender of the character, either male or female.

Setting Advanced Customization

Then you can enhance and customize your initial model further using the vast collection of resources available in Daz Studio, diving into some cool tweaks with Face Transfer 2. You can add various elements such as hairstyles, facial hair, makeup, and accessories to give your character a distinctive touch. For more detailed modifications, you can use morphs and shaping tools to make exact adjustments to the model’s features.

Saving Samples

With Face Transfer 2, you get to keep examples of the 3D models it creates so you can look at them later or make more changes. If you’re just trying out Face Transfer 2, you can save up to three examples without any watermark showing up on your character. While, for those who use the unlimited version of Face Transfer 2, there’s no cap on how many samples they can store without watermarks.

How to Develop Your Own 3D Modeling Tool Like Face Transfer 2

Just as we discussed before, although Face Transfer 2 in Daz Studio is useful and powerful, its free trial is limited. Without subscribing to it, your work will be put on watermarks. One good strategy is to look into APIs for developing your own 3D modeling tool to make face transfers. The cool thing about APIs is they come with all sorts of functions, and you can train your models from time to time according to your needs.

With the right knowledge and resources at hand, creating a custom-made 3D Modeling Tool designed just for what your users need becomes totally doable. Here I recommend Novita AI to you, a powerful platform featuring various APIs like merging face. 

Step-by-Step Guide on Integrating API into Your Project

  • Step 1: Open the Novita AI website and create an account.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the “API” and find “Merge face” under the “Face Editor” tab.
  • Step 3: Grab all the needed keys and credentials for the API.
  • Step 4: Weave those API endpoints into your code using the right HTTP methods.
  • Step 5: Give everything a thorough check-over to make sure it’s working as it should be.

Lastly, test and train your models to fine-tune how well their abilities to handle growth down the line. Novita AI provides a playground for you to complete this process. Moreover, on the playground, those who don’t have the technical skills to develop a tool can also try merging face models in Novita AI.

Test and Train Your 3D Model

  • Step 1: Navigate to the “playground” and find “merge-face” on the left.
  • Step 2: Upload the base image and the mixed image of a 3D character in the correct box. Please pay attention to the image restriction — maximum 2048*2048 resolution, less than 30 MB.
  • Step 3: Click the “Generate” button and wait for the magic.
  • Step 4: Once the result is generated, you can preview it. And you can make some adjustments to your 3D models according to the generated result.

By the way, after the generation is completed, there will be a sample code on the right. The code has three forms in total: Java, Python, and Bash. You can learn and use it for your model training process.

import { NovitaSDK } from "novita-sdk";

const novitaClient = new NovitaSDK("your_api_key");
const params = {
  image_file: "",
  face_image_file: "",
  .then((res) => {
    console.log("finished!", res);
  .catch((err) => {
    console.error("error:", err);

Future of Face Transfer 2 and 3D Modeling

Looking ahead, the world of Face Transfer 2 and 3D modeling is on the brink of some exciting changes.

Overcoming Technical Limitations

We can take some approaches to address common challenges, like improving the AI algorithms through more training on diverse datasets for better replicating facial features, incorporating more sophisticated facial analysis techniques for more accurate alignment of facial features, and more.

Exploring Improvements of 3D Face Modeling

With better texture mapping, we can get skin textures of 3D faces that look way more detailed and lifelike. By using advanced shader capabilities, it becomes possible to create effects that mimic how light and shadows play across a face in the natural world.


To wrap things up, Face Transfer 2 really shines when it comes to making lifelike 3D faces. It’s packed with cool tech that changes the shape of models and makes pictures look better than ever on them. Developers like you can also create your 3D modeling tool to change the game by utilizing API in Novita AI, taking the market up to the next level. The outlook for 3D modeling tools is bright as we keep pushing the boundaries of what you can do in 3D face modeling even further. Keep an eye out for all the new stuff coming in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Face Transfer 2

What Platforms are Compatible with Face Transfer 2?

Face Transfer 2 in Daz Studio is made to function smoothly on both Windows and Intel Mac systems. 

Can I Use Face Transfer 2 on My Existing Characters?

With Face Transfer 2, you can give your current characters in Daz Studio a makeover, like changing their faces to make them look more real and unique. 

Novita AI is the all-in-one cloud platform that empowers your AI ambitions. With seamlessly integrated APIs, serverless computing, and GPU acceleration, we provide the cost-effective tools you need to rapidly build and scale your AI-driven business. Eliminate infrastructure headaches and get started for free — Novita AI makes your AI dreams a reality.

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